Meet Anne

profile-annedogsWelcome to my Website. I hope you have enjoyed your visit and have found the site to be useful and informative!

This is where I’m able to share a little bit of myself with you so you can get to know me better. I was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario – you know the place – home of Wayne Gretzky… and… Alexander Graham Bell. Famous for totally different reasons, both have contributed to putting Brantford on the map. After completing a 5 yr arts and science program, I continued my studies in Windsor Ontario and graduated as a licensed Dental Professional. A career which spanned 17 yrs was fulfilling, exciting and working with people was what made it all so Rewarding.

profile-annemanAfter living in Toronto for over 12 yrs, I finally met the love of my life – a WESTERNER!!… and I knew right away I was moving WEST!

There are always some adjustments when moving to a different city, let alone a different province on the other side of the country. I found these to be very easy. I was in love with the city from the moment I arrived. I think I must have said “Oh what a gorgeous sunny day” for the first three weeks I was here. I just couldn’t believe the amount of sunshine we have here!! Then of course there are the Mountains. I tell my husband Keith that the real reason I agreed to marry him was so that I could ski Lake Louise! The first season I was here, we skied every weekend. What a thrill to ski the Rockies and see that incredible view from the top of the ski run. I’m in awe whenever we are there.

profile-annesnowAlthough my full time Real Estate Career doesn’t allow me to ski as often as I did that first year, getting out enjoying the day in the mountains still takes my breath away.

I really enjoy my life and career here in Calgary! This is a wonderful city with a great spirit, filled with people who truly depict the Western Hospitality. I love working with people and find that there is no better career than helping YOU find the home of your dreams!

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